Read or listen to the Bible online

Most Christadelphians follow a plan of Bible Reading called The Bible Companion. There is nothing special at all about this plan. It is simply a method by which you can be sure that by the end of a year, you have read the whole of the Bible, Old Testament once and New Testament twice. The plan starts on January 1st in Genesis, Psalms and Matthew and works its way through the scriptures as the year goes along providing around 4 chapters per day. If you don’t want today’s readings, simply click a month on the left menu and choose a date from the page which appears.


You Version has developed a free Bible app to read more than 1000 Bibles in many different languages. You can select, copy and paste text in another document. This is helpfull for Biblestudy. When you go to the site, you will find all the information, can download the app, and read some English and American Bibles on your pc. You even can listen to the Bible here.